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Civil asset forfeiture queen confirmed as Attorney General
Graham/McCain attempt to bite back over 'lap-dogs' comment, fail miserably
Miami police set to launch federally-funded pre-crime system
BUSTED: Four MSNBC tax-pimps not paying their 'fair share'
Supreme Court: Police can't extend traffic stop for dog sniff
Facebook changes news feed algorithm to affect ‘media content'
US Intelligence: Houthis are not Iranian proxy
Paul, Graham clash on foreign-policy on campaign trail
Paul calls on GOP to defend the "whole Bill of Rights"
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Rand Paul on NSA: 'Our Founding Fathers would be mortified'
Rand Paul's internet army
Why an American and a Russian general are suddenly very worried about nuclear war
Climate change and the 'settled science' bullies
McConnell: Comparing climate skeptics to slaveholders a ‘depressing new low’

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What Rand Paul is doing is more important than trying to be a pure libertarian

...yanks Ray-Bans after complaint

...receives key endorsement
Edward Snowden eyes DDC_8317
Chilling effect: Nobody likes you edition: 64% of Americans view Edward Snowden negatively
The libertarian civil war over Ukraine
Here’s why Bernie Sanders is wrong about everything
Chomsky: "The idea of a media which does not repeat U.S. propaganda is intolerable to American leaders"

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