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George W. Bush 'bashes Obama on Middle East' (attacks Rand Paul)

POLITICO: Paul's name never came up

'PATRIOT' Act used for domestic crimes
Rebel farmers and government cartels: how the New Deal cartelized U.S. agriculture
Lying cops ruin an innocent Pennsylvania man’s life, now won’t even apologize
Poker 0308 5006
Rand Paul opposes online gambling restrictions – but not without heavy pushback
If you want the NSA passing around your nude pics, you’ll love the treaties being secretly negotiated without your consent
Civil asset forfeiture queen confirmed as Attorney General
Activist Post
Adam Kokesh
Adam Smith Institute
American Thinker
The Anti-Media
Austrian Economics Center
Ben Swann
The Blaze
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
Cato Institute
Christopher Cantwell
The Circle Bastiat
Climate Depot
Cop Block
The Daily Caller
Daily Kos
Daily Paul
The Daily Sheeple
David Codrea
Drudge Report
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Economic Policy Journal
GOP ‘purity’ means screening out the Libertarians?
Ted Cruz: Democratic Party home to 'liberal fascism'

Tom Woods: What fascism is, and why it isn’t just a name for everything people may oppose
'Rand Paul’s whirlwind of dangerous ideas'
Marco Rubio
RUBIO: 'No constitutional right to gay marriage'

'...running for people, not against things'

Scott Walker rallies against gay marriage in Iowa

Supporters of senate Iran bill swatting away amendments
Rand Paul targets Obama, Jeb Bush in 'NSA rant'

...slams Clinton in Iowa
King Abdullah and younger brother Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud
Seriously, why do we suck up to the Saudis?
Montana just nullified the federal police militarization program
Hacktivist who exposed rapists faces more jail-time than the rapists
5 Insanely charitable libertarians

Economic Times
The Federalist
The Foundation for Economic Education
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Freedom's Floodgates
The Future of Freedom Foundation
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Joe Miller
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Larken Rose
Legal Insurrection
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Mises Institute
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Pocket Full of Liberty
Police State USA
US election may postpone TPP

TPP proponents close to Clinton remain optimistic about her support
The 'Cult of the free market'

Reason: U.S. Capitalism isn't a 'free market'
Peter Schweizer also eyeing Jeb Bush finances
MSNBC: The drone questions Rand Paul isn't ready to ask
Massie: GOP leadership targets funding for limited government reps, funding drying up
Stossel: Why I plan to vote for Rand Paul
Young libertarian's epic response to race shaming over her 'stand with Rand'
Why Rand Paul’s approach to the media is dangerous for democrats
Bitcoin: Bigger and better than ever
Presenting de-dollarization in one simple map
What Rand Paul is doing is more important than trying to be a pure libertarian

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