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1 cop, 2 cops, 5 cops, this guy lets them all have it, then he walks away
Jeb Bush still considering 2016 run...
Police State 2014: Shocking photos from Bundy raid
SPLC launches hysterical attack on critics of the UN's Agenda 21
Trumped up charges for licensed concealed weapon in Miami
100 1347mietitrebbia
The sour fruits of cronyism
Back in play: The world government we're not supposed to talk about...
Covert inquiry by FBI rattles 9-11 tribunals
The "Treason of the Intellectuals," how the scientific community is betraying us
Harry Reid official portrait 2009
Hey Harry, you're the terrorist!
Mike Lee: Eric Holder owes Judiciary Committee an apology
Corruption on TX border: Sheriff admits to taking money from cartel


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Rand Paul once blasted Reagan's deficit spending, here comes the conservative outrage
Rand Paul debates David Axelrod on government surveillance
Bundesarchiv Bild 121-0269, Polen, Krakau, Polizeiparade
Godwin's Law and the real green nazis
GOP candidate for TX Governor slams BLM's potential seizure of private lands
The class war inside the GOP
Predator and Hellfire
Statists call for drone strikes on Bundy supporters
New Yorkers protest "assault weapon" registration law
The logical progression of "public accommodation"
Michael R Bloomberg
Bloomberg vows to nanny the NRA out of existence
Western states seek to counter federal land grabbing
PETER KING: Greenwald Pulitzer a "disgrace"
What the networks aren't telling you about the Nevada cattle battle

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Arizona governor unexpectedly vetoes 2 pro gun bills

...Jan Brewer has a big "but"
H/T War on Guns
"Guns everywhere" bill signed in Georgia
What enemy propaganda looks like: Green is the new red edition: "The new abolitionism"

...Liberals increasingly comparing global warming to slavery
Ron Paul: Nevada ranch standoff is symptom of increasing authoritarianism
Special Forces suicide rate hits record level
More than 100 SWAT raids a day in the US
Federal judge: Thousands of innocent Americans behind bars
How not to fix the 2nd amendment
BLOG: Why Jesus was really executed: Challenging the money changers
Globalization will require TPP and "leadership"

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