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Rand Paul: ‘As president, i will get the IRS out of your life’
What's the biggest reason these college students are 'Ready for Hillary?'

National Guard referred to Ferguson protesters as 'enemy forces'
What it would take to prove climate change
The left still doesn't understand the 2nd Amendment
Hillary Clinton calls education a ‘non-family enterprise,’ praises Common Core
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Corporate media: Mcveigh’s anti-government sentiment now mainstream in Republican Party
Congress is attempting to reauthorize key Patriot Act provisions by sneaking it into “USA Freedom Act”
Jeb urges the establishment to maintain the status quo in the Justice Department
Rand Paul's other secret weapon
Report: Obama’s climate-change rules could kill nearly 300k jobs
'Conspiracy theorists,' bloggers compared to isis during congressional hearing
Jeb Bush embraces his brother's neoconservative ideology
How reliable is Reuters?
Federal judge won't remove marijuana from most-dangerous drug list
Hubris Unlimited: Tom Cotton versus reality
DEA agents caught having drug cartel funded prostitute sex parties received slap on the wrist; none fired
Report: With cartel help, ISIS crossing border from mexico

Mosque found near reported ISIS Base

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Ron Paul, Barney Frank, to debate on campus
Signs that 'the elites' are feverishly preparing for something big
Skeptical climate scientist dismantles dem lawmaker’s alarmism

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