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Jack Hunter: Who Created ISIS?

Ben Swann: The United States did
NATO: Anonymous Should Leave CyberWarfare To The 'Authorities'
Princeton Students Are Right: Woodrow Wilson Was The Worst
Bernie Invokes FDR To Defend Dem Socialism
Virginia Mayor Suggests Internment Camps For Refugees
TSA Throws Out Child's Buzz Lightyear Souvenir
How the Federal Government Funds Endless Wars
POLITICO: State Dept. Dragging Its Feet on Hillary Docs
Social Media Icon Has Weapons Seized by LAPD Without a Warrant
Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed The Value Of All Burglaries In 2014
Doctor Hand
MASS EXODUS: U.S. Doctors Fleeing Medicine
Rand Paul On Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘What Kind Of Idiot Sends Four People To War?’

...debate sparring brings libertarians on board, donations rise 600% Tuesday night

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Whitehouse Gave ISIS 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Oil Trucks
FBI Director: Data should never be transmitted or stored in a way that frustrates government snooping
Rand Paul Responds To Calls For More Surveillance
Ex-CIA Director: Blood on Snowden’s Hands for Paris, Should Be ‘Hanged by the Neck’
Ted Cruz Jabs Rand Paul on NSA
You'll Never Guess Where Most Pro-ISIS Tweets Originate From
Hillary Goes After Comedians For Making Fun of Her
French Flag
Americans Refuse To Understand What Happened In Paris
ISIS Terrorist Released in Plea Deal Months Ago in Illinois
CIA Boss Brennan: 4th Amendment Will Allow Terrorists To Attack America
GOP Moves To Halt Obama's Refugee Funding
Appeals court: let the spying continue

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That Moment When Even POLITIFACT Says You're Full Of Sh*t
Jimmy Wales: All Internet Traffic Is Going To Be Encrypted Very Soon
Benton Faces New Indictment
Inspector General: DHS Risks National Security
US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop "Illegal" War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop
Whistleblowers Claim NOAA Rushed Contentious Climate Paper Despite Reservations
Sen. Mike Lee to Introduce Resolution Declaring Obama’s Paris Climate Deal Should Need Senate Approval
Charles Koch Blasts Crony Capitalism, Calls Subsidies ‘Welfare for the Wealthy’
S. Maro Rubio
RON PAUL: Send Marco Rubio To Outer Space Where He Belongs
Smoking Gun Tapes Released By Wikileaks: Relating to Corruption in the Bush and Obama Administrations
Stanford researchers uncover patterns in how scientists lie about their data
RUBIO: Establishment Plan C
How The State Keeps You Working Long Hours
Hillary's Appetite for War

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